Shiney and Deep

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Song Notes:

As you listen to this song, picture the following scene at the edge of a temple in a tropical forest on an alien world: It's raining gently all around, and in the distance thunder from an embedded lightning storm rumbles through the mountains surrounding the enormous crater valley.

Below is the surface of an inland ocean inhabited by a form of algae that gives the surface a silvery mirrored finish occasionally pierced by a floating forest. Individual trees tower half a kilometer into the sky and embrace each other with entangled root pads reaching just as far into the deep. The ocean floor is another 5 or more kilometers below that.

The temple floats like a tree house city in one of these growths, and the inhabitants spend hours each day musically interpreting the sounds around them as if collaborating with all of nature in an improvisational symphony.


This song was both composed and performed by Pete McNeil (Madscientist).