From the Impromptu CD:

Living In Light Of God, Julia Kasdorf, Christian Rock
Treat Me Like A Road, Pete McNeil (Madscientist), Rockabilly Fusion
Let Me Down Easy, Julia Kasdorf, Blues / Rock
Doldrums, Pete McNeil (Madscientist), Blues / Rock
The Minute I'm Gone, Julia Kasdorf, Alt Country
Kitties, Pete McNeil (Madscientist), Art Rock / Experimental
Lament, Julia Kasdorf, Blues / Alt Country
Baby Please, Pete McNeil (Madscientist), Blues / Rock

Sunday, Julia Kasdorf, Alt Country
Motel, Julia Kasdorf, Blues / Alt Country
This Heart, Julia Kasdorf, Christian Rock

From the Mixed CD:

Uh, Pete McNeil (Madscientist), House Electronic, "Otherworld"
Pet, Pete McNeil (Madscientist), Techno Electronic, Humor, Spoken Word
Descent, Pete McNeil (Madscientist), Alternative Rock
Heartless World, Pete Mcneil, Julia Kasdorf, Soul, Rap, R& B, Hip-Hop
Shiney and Deep, Pete McNeil (Madscientist), Ambient, Electronic, Rain, Thunderstorm
Time to Go, Pete McNeil (Madscientist), Alternative Rock/Experimental, Political, Revolution, Progressive
The Perfect Way, Eric Nanz, Christian Rock
Dragon, Pete McNeil (Madscientist), Folk, Irish, Acoustic
On the Cross, Eric Nanz, Christian Rock