Song Notes:

This song features a synthesized techno beat with six different lines of lyrics meant to drum their way into your head. This song is meant to be a play on modern poetry as well as a commentary on how human nature drives us to attempt to create order and meaning even where it doesn't exist. Pete McNeil (Madscientist) lends his manic, spoken word delivery to drive home the hidden meanings and inside jokes.

Just for fun, there's also a video on YouTube.


The bongo player wears black shades. (repeat x7)

The poet has a fine goatee. (repeated x7)

Weaving words into your mind. (repeat x 7)

With eyes that burn into your soul. (repeat x 7)

You know you want this to make sense. (repeat x 7)

I have a pet that poops blackholes. (repeat x7)