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Song Notes:

Reminiscent of King Crimson, Yes, and Pink Floyd, this song tells a story of complexity, confusion, and challenging relationships. Pete McNeil (Madscientist) shows his Art Rock leanings by overlaying a 7/8 groove with synthesized guitar parts playing in two time signatures simultaneously (6/8 and 7/8). Meanwhile John Wyatt lays in a smooth bass guitar line that threads its way through the chaos and holds down the bottom nicely.


It's like herding kitties
Nothing makes much sense
It's all this and that way
Twisty, knotty bends

Jumbled up in piles
Lumpy, swirly messes
Deep down dirty secrets
"Nothing," she confesses

Catch me if you cannot
All sevens and sixes
Did it like a robot
We all know how that ends

Trap door, hidden hallways
Nowhere do they get to
Outcome: convoluted
I don't need to tell you