What is special about ALT-230?

There are a lot of talented independent artists who we might never hear from because the cost and complexity of recording and publishing their music is just too high. We created ALT-230 to solve that problem. If you have some great tunes and a few hours a week to spend at the studio then you can get your music out there! It's that simple. If you do your homework you could produce a new CD every year on one lunch-break per week!

Why name it ALT-230?

The MadScientist (Pete McNeil) picked the name. He's always had a "thing" for the greek letter mu ever since he was a kid building electronics for fun. If you hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and type in 230 on your number pad you will get a mu. Also, as he explains it, "... there are a lot of kewl meanings in there: µ is the magnetic moment; ALT is for alternative - which we are in a lot of ways; Alt starts with 'A' and puts us at the top of the list; when folks are ready to star something they count off '... 2.. 3.. g0!; and lots more..."

How much money do I need to get started?

None! We do this for love! (and we keep our overhead vanishingly small) You won't pay for studio time, engineering, production, or any of that stuff. We're all in this together. If we choose to produce your music then we cover these costs - they are our contribution to the project. You bring your best efforts, we'll bring ours, and we'll make something great together.

What if I don't have a band?

Not a problem! Most ALT-230 projects are collaborations! Great music has a way of attracting great musicians. We will reach out to other ALT-230 artists to record your project.

Are your recording contracts exclusive?

No! We work on one song at a time. We don't place any restrictions on the other songs you do, just the songs we do together. If you want to sign a great deal elsewhere then Go for it!

Will I have to give up my life and go on tour?

That's crazy talk! If you give up your life then what will you write about? We don't put any touring requirements in our recording contract. On the other hand if you do get a chance to take some time off and launch a world tour to promote your new album that would be awesome!

What if I make the big-time! Can I take my music with me?

Hey! Who said we're not big time?!! That aside, if you land a great deal somewhere else then we'll be happy to license or even sell the song back to you or your new label at some reasonable price. This way everybody wins.

How do I get paid?

Whenever an ALT-230 project makes money, everybody who contributed gets paid. We get a piece of each project just like you (not like 10 or 100 of you, just like 1 of you). The only costs we take out are costs of sales like shipping, replication, commissions, etc. For example, if somebody buys one of your MP3s for $0.99 then the store will take out their cut and send us the rest -- say $0.66. That's what we split. Suppose there are 5 musicians who worked on the song then everybody gets $0.11. One cut for us, one for the singer, one for the guitar player, one for the bass player, one for the drummer, one for the keyboard player.

Can I record covers with ALT-230?

Sorry, no. One of the keys to making our record lable work is eliminating complexity. Nailing down all of the rights and licensing required to record covers is practically the definition of complex! So, we don't do it. Besides - we want to focus on making new music, not remaking old music.

How do I get an ALT-230 record deal?

The best way is to reach out to one of our recording artists and connect with them. Head out to one of their shows (they're all friendly) and introduce yourself and your music. All of our recording artists start out this way.

How do I contact an A&R Rep at ALT-230?

One of the things that's different about ALT-230 is that we don't have an A&R staff. Instead, we keep things up close and personal. Only our recording artists can recommend someone new. This gives us a chance to get to know you and for you to get to know us.

more to come...