What is ALT-230 ?

ALT-230 is a new kind of record label for a wild wired world. Once upon a time the music and stories we knew were shared personally between individuals. Storytellers, musicians, and artists of all types were revered not for being famous, but instead for the way they could reach us and connect us to each other. The art was at the heart of it. The stories, songs, and images we shared formed the core of our culture and the soul of our collective spirit. Good times.

For a while now things have been very different. Most of what we hear and see is determined by profitability first, and then by... did I mention profitability?

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The good news is that things have changed! The technology to tell our stories and sing our songs to the masses has become accessible so that now anyone with talent, creative vision, and something to say can reach the entire world. There are incredibly gifted people all around us who would love to share their art and enrich our world if they could find a little love. We're here to bring those people together and help them do just that.

We're here to get our culture back!

How does it work?

Our focus is on individual pieces and individual artists: true originals. We keep our production processes efficient, open, and flexible so that our artists don't have to give up their lives to enrich our world. We take each project one at a time and give it what it needs to reach it's potential and it's audience. Then we share the wealth. If you've got a gift to share and a few hours a week - we can make it happen. No craziness, no fine print, no gotcha's.